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40 Iranian wetlands have dried up from 20 to 100 percent

& nbsp; According to the report of the Environment Agency, Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) - Sistan and Baluchestan, Ahmad Ali Kikah, visited the Hamoon wetland, adding: "Hamoon Lagoon is one of the wetlands Its situation is not favorable at all and it is 100% dead.

The deputy director of the country's Environmental Protection Agency said: "With continuous contacts and systematic follow-up with the United Nations regarding the resolution of the Hamoon wetland problem, Solve the international solution.

Kaika added that with the special attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the country's environmental protection organization, positive measures have been taken to get Iran's right from Afghanistan.

He said: "By restoring the international hauon pond, we can once again restore the life and prosperity of agriculture to the region." Keychain noted that the phenomenon of globalization is a major dilemma facing the people of the region and has created a lot of mental, health and economic problems that we hope will be rehabilitated by many people. Fix these problems.